Monday, October 14, 2019

Air pollution in Mongolia

A brief documentary from Time magazine on one of the polluted areas on Earth. This has ramifications for much of northeast Asia.

Friday, October 04, 2019

광화문에서/ Près de Gwanghwamun/ Near Gwanghwamun


Alex Good on Karen Elliot House’s On Saudi Arabia. I have serious doubts of House’s characterization of Saudis as generally passive; not that this isn’t theoretically possible — but rather that it smacks too much of stereotypes of Asians in the 19th century.

Thursday, October 03, 2019

Greening Korea - prize-winner at The Great Message Film Festival

Honored to announce this won a prize at the Great Message Festival in India.

C'est un honneur d'annoncer que ce prix a été primé au Great Message Festival en Inde.

Onorato di annunciarlo, ha vinto un premio al Great Message Festival in India.

Monday, September 23, 2019

The Great Message International Film Festival

Happy to announce I have two videos upcoming in this festival in India. Below are stills and filmography info from one of them.

Upcoming/ bientôt 

Runtime: 5:47

Synopsis: Meeting my brother the last time.

The main story of this authorial movie is that of the death of my brother. He was an alcoholic. He was also self-medicating. 

Among these underlying conditions, depression was certainly one of them. But his decline and dysfunctional decision-making was also linked to dysfunction within the family. That's how it often is with addicts: the problems exist on individual levels; they also exist on group levels.

From my collection of authorial movies

Screenings/ awards/ publication:

Published at Poetry Film Live:

Silk Road Festival (Kazakhstan): Summer, 2018

O’Bheal Videopoetry Festival (Ireland): autumn, 2018

Winner, best smartphone, Chhatrapati Shivaji Film Festival (India), January, 2019

9th Pune Film Festival (India), June, 2019

Great Message International Film Festival (India), September 2019

(Note: From a long work entitled "Family Maps", and including the song "PoemSong". In effect, I am taking the authorial movie concept farther. This is both author-made videopoem and song.)

YouTube link: 


Rencontrer mon frère la dernière fois.
L'histoire principale de ce film d'auteur est celle de la mort de mon frère. C'était un alcoolique. Il s'était aussi auto-soigné.

Parmi ces conditions sous-jacentes, la dépression en était certainement un. Mais son déclin et sa prise de décision dysfonctionnelle étaient également liés à un dysfonctionnement au sein de la famille. C'est souvent le cas chez les toxicomanes: les problèmes existent au niveau individuel; ils existent aussi au niveau du groupe.

De ma collection de films d'auteur

Projections / prix / publication:

Publié sur Poetry Film Live:

Festival de la Route de la soie (Kazakhstan): été 2018

Festival de vidéopoésie O’Bheal (Irlande): automne 2018

Gagnant du meilleur smartphone, Festival du film de Chhatrapati Shivaji (Inde), janvier 2019

9ème festival du film de Pune (Inde), juin 2019

(Remarque: tiré d'un long ouvrage intitulé "Family Maps" et incluant la chanson "PoemSong". En fait, je vais plus loin dans le concept du film d'auteur. Il s'agit à la fois d'un vidéopoem et d'une chanson créés par l'auteur.)

Tuesday, September 10, 2019