Friday, January 24, 2020

Green Vision Eco Film Festival - This World Breathes

Happy to have participated in this interesting ecological film festival in St. Petersburg, Russia.

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Sunday, January 19, 2020

ChantWork, more

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Here is the 146th from the Baram Series (“Sound into World”) and one of the first of those projects that received a proper screening (at a conference for the Korean Society of Comparative Literature). That was a few years ago. I’m glad that the poem at the heart of it has now been published at Former People.

Making a videopoem is considerably different from writing a poem; that’s especially true when — as is the case with “Sound” — making the poem and making the video go hand in hand. I wanted to capture something about the different experiences I had of rural and city life here in South Korea. These differences are more pronounced than in Western countries — perhaps because the cities are so densely populated. The cities are constantly interesting. But it’s difficult to achieve a meditative zone within them.

I also wanted to experiment with ambient environmental sounds and sound collage. Most movies employ music . But at what point does the music become a morsel that’s thrown at a (restive) audience — a form of seduction, in other words — instead of something integral to the film that lends it its intended quality (in this case, a kind of meditativeness)?


Voici le 146e de la série Baram («Sound into World») et l'un des premiers de ces projets qui a reçu une projection appropriée (lors d'une conférence pour la Société coréenne de littérature comparée).  C'était il y a quelques années.  Je suis heureux que le poème au cœur de celui-ci ait été publié chez Former People.

 Faire un vidéopoème est très différent de l'écriture d'un poème;  cela est particulièrement vrai lorsque - comme c'est le cas avec "Sound" - faire le poème et faire la vidéo aller de pair.  Je voulais capturer quelque chose sur les différentes expériences que j'ai eues de la vie rurale et urbaine ici en Corée du Sud.  Ces différences sont plus prononcées que dans les pays occidentaux - peut-être parce que les villes sont si densément peuplées.  Les villes sont constamment intéressantes.  Mais il est difficile de créer une zone méditative en leur sein.

 Je voulais également expérimenter les sons ambiants et les collages sonores ambiants.  La plupart des films utilisent de la musique.  Mais à quel point la musique devient-elle un morceau qui est lancé à un public (rétif) - une forme de séduction, en d'autres termes - au lieu de quelque chose d'intégré au film qui lui donne la qualité voulue (dans ce cas, une sorte de méditation  )?


Sound into World 

Listen --
No, listen this way:
The too much of sky is like a tool
that tightens nature's energy.
Its sound is like an ache.
Nature's sights and sounds are too;
they have t'-'eauty.
They woosh and jitter and ahh.
But then mountain – assertive, aggressive –
breathes up as high as sky,
and sky, made nervous, merely smiles quietly on ground. Tree, interceding, creates home
for all sorts of beings,
and sky, calmed of anxiety, rests.
Think of all things –
or think of nothing at all.
Rain resembles poetry,
or satori.
Rain wants to blur everything
that resembles negative thought. But negative thought propels itself – it wants to escape.
Can we escape, too?
Can we clarify thought
by running to a new location
that will enlighten us?

Road blurs thought, too;
we have to be humble
and return to sky for advice –
correction: advice from the clear things under sky; the things that exist
even when
sky is gone.

- Finn Harvor

From my collection of ambient and authorial movies.


ChantWork. YouTube link:

I have been experimenting for some time with singing and videopoetry, and I would be interested in seeing work by other doing likewise.

J'expérimente depuis un certain temps avec le chant et la vidéopoésie, et je serais intéressé à voir le travail des autres faire de même.

나는 노래와 비디오시로 한동안 실험을 해왔으며 다른 사람들도 같은 일을하는 것에 관심이있을 것이다.

Venho experimentando há algum tempo canto e videopoesia, e estaria interessado em ver o trabalho de outras pessoas fazendo o mesmo.

Έχω πειραματιστεί για κάποιο χρονικό διάστημα με το τραγούδι και τη βιντεοπαρακία και θα με ενδιέφερε να βλέπω την δουλειά και από άλλες.


Ho sperimentato per un po 'di tempo con il canto e la videopoesia, e sarei interessato a vedere il lavoro di altri allo stesso modo.

Некоторое время я экспериментировал с пением и видеопоэзией, и мне было бы интересно посмотреть на то, как другие делают то же самое.