Monday, April 23, 2007

Truth Marathon -- backgrounder podcast

powered by ODEO


  1. Saying I "enjoyed" that doesn't quite seem appropriate (given the grave subject matter), but I did, Finn. I learned something by listening to it, and the presentation was quite good. "Audio" is another medium you could develop for your work.

  2. Thanks, Steve. In fact, I've been attempting to record another segment but Odeo software hasn't -- at least, so far -- been obliging (computers are ruining everything). But I'll figure something out. Incidentally, when will you post audio segments at your own site? Inquiring ears want to listen.

  3. The answer to that question, Finn (laughed the tech-feeble Steve) is most probably "never". Not only do I not possess your FM radio-quality pipes...(and so on)....