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Truth Marathon, Machine-Style - from Korean to English

Below are the opening pages of my screenplay novel TRUTH MARATHON. This text was initially translated by a Korean grad student. I have now fed his version (which is excellent) through Google Translate. Results below. More commentary to follow.

세계 2차대전 직전 동경의 거리오후

제목 : 동경, 1941 1 26

차 한대가 뉴욕 내셔널 시티은행(National City Bank)의 일본 지점 앞에 멈춰선다잘 차려 입은 서양 남자 한 명이 등장한다그는 은행 안으로 들어간다.


잘 차려입은 서양남자가 줄을 서고 있다잠시 후 그는 은행 창구에 다다른다.

일본인 은행 직원 : (일본 엑센트로안녕하세요무엇을 도와드릴까요?

잘 차려입은 서양남자 : (교육 수준이 높은 엑센트로친절하게곤니치와엔화를 달러로 좀 바꾸고 싶은데요.

일본인 은행 직원 : 얼마나요?

잘 차려입은 서양남자 :(상의에 손을 넣어 큰 봉투를 끄집어내며조금 액수가 큰데요...

점프컷잘 차려입은 서양남자 바로 뒤.

역시 잘 차려 입은 다른 서양남자가 그 사람의 어깨를 한 번 두드린다.

다른 서양 남자 : (라틴 엑센트로주교님.

주교(잘 차려입은 서양남자) : (깜짝 놀라며슈라이버 박사깜짝 놀랐소.

슈라이버 박사 : (조금 걱정하는 투로죄송합니다잠시 말씀 좀 나눌 수 있겠습니까?

주교 : 그러시오.

슈라이버 박사 : 아니오개인적인 말씀입니다.

주교 : (친절하게)물론이오잠시만 기다리시오.

Out. Just before World War II, the streets of Tokyo. Pm

Title: Tokyo, January 26, 1941

National City Bank of New York, one car (National City Bank) will stop in front of the Japanese branch. One well-dressed Western man appeared. He goes into the bank.

Not. After a while. Bank.

Western well-dressed man is standing in line. After a while he dadareunda bank teller.

Japanese bank employee: (Japanese accent) Hello. May I help you?

Western well-dressed man (educated accent, kindly) Konnichiwa. Yes. I'd like the yen to the dollar.

Japanese bank staff: How many?

Western well-dressed man (on the envelope, put a hand to pull out the big naemyeo) Well, I'm a little bit larger amount of ...

Jump Cut. Immediately after the well-dressed Western men.

Also other Western well-dressed man on the shoulder once he knocks.

Other Western Man: (Latin accent) Bishop.

Bishop (well-dressed Western men): (surprise surprised) Oh, Dr. Schreiber. Small surprised.

Dr. Schreiber: (a little worried about Touro) Sorry Do you think you can talk to you for a moment?

Bishop: do you want.

Dr. Schreiber: No Personal word.

Bishop: (kindly) course. Wait a minute.

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