Monday, January 06, 2014

One year


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  1. Hello Finn. My name is Ken Kuhl and I lived down the bottom of the hill from you and Dickie on Noel Street in Ottawa back in the day. I was your brother's contemporary at Crichton School and visited regularly in your house where Richard and I wrote comics on clean white 8 ½ x 11 typewriter paper supplied by your mother. And we all played together on the ship in your back yard spinning that rusty old rattly helm in response to urgently shouted commands – do you remember?

    I was thinking of our old gang today because I'm going to Ottawa next weekend for a visit involving my family's old Lutheran church at 326 MacKay down the street from your old house. Which prompted me to google a few things, including your brother, who is dead. Merde!

    My condolences on his death in 2013. I am interested in learning more about his life – and yours, too, for that matter. What happened to your family after Manor Park? KHK