Friday, April 08, 2016

Les instruments du bruit, Les instruments d'evolution/ The Instruments of Noise, The Instruments of Evolution-YouTube link and artist's statement

This is probably the final cut of a video poem/authorial movie that is the 101st in a series on the relationship between the urban and the natural.

The series is poetic; as a result, it is not intended to be openly rhetorical. Nevertheless, there *is* an argument to this piece (there is always an argument in art, even if that argument is that arguments have no worth). And that argument is that there is no point in denouncing urban life as somehow corrupt or the "enemy" of nature. It has its strengths and joys. But the question now -- as we settle into the complex early years of the 21sth Century -- is how to achieve balance. That balance does not currently exist. And that is especially true in the region I now live -- northeast Asia. And this tension reaches its most acute in the Kyonggi-do region of South Korea ... one of the most heavily populated zones on Earth.

"Instruments of Noise, Instruments of Evolution" is intended to underline the degree to which one phenomenon -- lacking design, evolving blindly -- provides the foundation of another; that which is designed, but, nevertheless, has its blind spots, too. The urban can never supplant the natural, no matter how sophisticated it becomes, To reach a state of true meditative peace, we must also return to nature.

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