Friday, January 06, 2017

Factories 1


Regarding the authorial movie below: when I was working at The Picture Factory,  I also spent several months working part-time at a bookstore run by a charismatic alcoholic named Larry. The Picture Factory was on Front Street, the bookstore on Queen; I'd work 9 to 5 at the first, have a quick dinner, then run the cash at the bookstore. The second job was obviously way easier than the first --but one day I got fired by Larry. He'd told me to look out for shoplifters, and so one night I confronted a customer who was acting suspiciously. I insisted the customer come back to the bookstore and open his briefcase. I was polite but insistent. The customer, it turned out, hadn't stolen anything, but he was an urban professional and his pride was stung. He phoned Larry the next day, Larry took his side, and things turned sour. A few days later I told Larry I'd had enough of two jobs. Larry said, "So that's it, then?" He put down on my release papers that I'd been fired.

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