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Finn Harvor - art CV (abridged)



I am a writer, artist, film-maker and occasional musician. I have had art-work in several group shows, mounted two solo shows, written and performed stage work which was in turn videotaped, and made my own movies. My interest in art-and-text work goes back many years, initially to involvement with underground comics (bandes dessinées).

As a professional writer, I have published articles in several Canadian, Korean, British and American publications (both online and in print). My freelance career has spanned many years, and I have worked in many mediums: from writing to radio broadcasting to script-writing for films and theatre. Academically, I have presented papers to conferences in Jember (Indonesia), Helsinki, Kuala Lumpur, Osaka, and Oxford, and have written on Thomas De Quincey, William Blake, Yoon Heung-gil and Richard Kim, as well as analyses of changes currently taking place in the publishing industry. I have proofread children's books in Korea and edited countless student essays.

Below is a selection of my accomplishments.

SmartFilm Website
Dec. 31/18
Link to “Portrait of C”, as well as poster art for three other projects.

InShort Film Festival
Lago, Nigeria
Sheraton Hotel, Lagos
December 17/19
Fourteen movies selected as semi-finalists with laurels, including “The Violence of Sadness” and “Meat”
[Only finalists screened]

Athens International Video Poetry Film Festival (Athens, Greece)
Winter 2018 (December 17, 2018)
Screening of "Portrait of C" [finalist]

North by Northeast [curated gallery event]
December 7, 2018, London, UK
Screening of “Meat”

North Bellarine Film Festival
November 16, 2018
Screening of “Makin' Shelter”

Conference on the Image
November 2, 2018
Hong Kong, Baptist University
Pop-up gallery
screening of “Insects' World” [premiere]

Rabbitheart Film Festival
Worcester, Massachussetts
Autumn 2018
Screening of “The Wargasm” [curators' choice]

O'Bheal Videopoetry Festival,
Autumn, 2018
October 14, 2018, Cork, Ireland
Screening of “Portrait of C” [finalist]

O'Bheal Videopoetry Festival, Cork, Ireland
Autumn, 2018
October 14, 2018, Cork, Ireland
Screening of “The Violence of Sadness II” [finalist]

The Silk Road Videopoetry Festival
June 21, 2018
National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty
Screening of “The Violence of Sadness II” [finalist]

Athens International Video Poetry Film Festival (Athens, Greece)
Winter 2017/2018 (January 19/20, 2018)
Screening of "The War on Smog" [finalist]

MIX Conference, Bath Spa University
Bath, UK.  (July 10 - 12, 2017)
Screening of "The Carpet 1" [finalist]

MIX Conference, Bath Spa University
Bath, UK.  (July 10 - 12, 2017)
Presentation: "Feeling Need" (July 10)

MIX Conference, Bath Spa University
Bath, UK.  (July 10 - 12, 2017)
Presentation: "Toward an art of the Anthropocene" (July 12)

Poetry Film Live
Bristol, UK (spring, 2017)
Online screening, publication of Refugee-ism.

Society of Comparative Literature (Seoul, South Korea)
October, 2016
Screening of "Sound into World"

Athens Poetry Film Festival (Athens, Greece)
Autumn, 2016
Screening of "Baram CVII" [finalist]

Pacifism21, 15 January 2016

“Narratives of Ignorance”. An article on North Korea and its perceptions in Western media


Pacifism21, 25 January 2016

“Yi Mun-yol's literary appointment with North Korea”. An article on Korean writer Yi Mun-yol.


Rabbit Heart poetry film festival, October 2015. Four videopoems screened as non-finalists.

“Conversations in the Book Trade”

Articles, short stories, and poems published in many publications, including The Canadian Forum, This Magazine, The Brooklyn Rail, Eclectica, Former People, and elsewhere.

Conference presentations to academic conferences in Oxford, Bath, Liverpool, Berlin, Dubrovnik, Osaka, Youngju, Seoul, and Hingston Kong.

An ongoing online project comprised mainly of interviews with publishers and critics, including Phil Marchand and Judy Stoffman of the Toronto Star (separate interviews), Ian Brown of the Globe and Mail, TVO and CBC, Richard Nash of Soft Skull Press, Fred Ramey of Unbridled Books, Jennifer Barnes of Raw Dog Screaming Press, Jennifer Banash of Impetus Press, Bev Daurio of Mercury Press, and Scott Esposito of Conversational Reading, among many others. The site has received mention, among elsewhere, in the literary blog of Peter Stothard, the editor of the Book Section of the London Times. [original site]


I have also worked won grants and awards from the Canada Council, Ontario Arts Council and Toronto Arts Council, The Hart House Review and Arthur (the newspaper of Trent University). I have a BA (Cultural Studies) from Trent University, and an MA (Interdisciplinary Studies) from York University. I am working on three interlinked novel manuscripts, and have had group and solo shows of my art.

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