Monday, May 18, 2020

Portrait of C - writing of Richard Harvor, with Happyland chapbook

Portrait of C - text: Richard Harvor, video: Finn Harvor

Portrait of C

[Own : Every artist needs to enter the abyss; not every artist comes back out.]

Descending into junkiedom, C'd come to resemble – more and more – Boris Karloff, was a looming, angular presence, his dense, dark, viscous hair suggesting a mixture of grease with sand, with blood, skin rufous as an Apache's, an extraordinarily handsome boy, broad-shouldered, slim-hipped, gigantically-chinned (like an Irishman (James Joyce(?)), his piercing eyes the opacity of black paint-chips, obsidian. Once, I”d sketched him – sitting in a chair in my apartment – shooting up: jagged, harsh, dense dynamo smashed into the page's middle, fierce network of scars. (Outside, the Brancusi-head moon.)

(Continued )

To see this chapbook as it first appeared online in early February, 2018, please check out this PDF version of it:

YouTube link:

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