Saturday, October 31, 2020

The Underseen

Stills from The Underseen.

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This is an old project (and it shows). But I’d like to rework some of the artwork. At least one of the ideas — people glued to their smartphones — seems old hat. But the general visual ideas of people being consumed by work, being boxed in by cubicles, being cut by the criticism of bosses seem to me worth working on more ... and all this within a social matrix of screens; the Surface Visible. And then there is the theme of alienated desire, which is also exacerbated by a society dominated by screens. In all these cases, there is a tension between the Surface Visible and the Underseen.

Vieux projet. Mais en tout cas, voudrais refaire quelques de ces dessins. Leurs thèmes me parait comme quelque choses encore important d’examiner. On vie ces jours-ci dans un société plein des écrans: le Visible Superficiel. Mais on éprouve sur le plan de la physionomie un sensation on peut s’appeler le « sous-visible ».


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