Saturday, March 23, 2013

Norway II

During our first trip to Norway we took a car trip with my paternal grandmother (Farmor in Norwegian) through the mountains north of Oslo. It was the summer, but in the highlands the temperature dropped quickly.

It had been a hot summer in Oslo, and neither Richard nor I were prepared for the coldness. It wasn't all that bad, really, but our windbreakers didn't quite do the trick. Most of the time we were at lower elevations -- driving along a thin, apparently endless highway. It was when we drove up to the top of a mountain that the ice fields would appear.

The beauty of the fjords is something to see. Geographically, they are quite plain -- old mountains with soft edges and a lot of wild grass growing on them. (I'm not even sure if I remember them from an individual memory or whether my recollection of this detail has simply been filtered through one travel brochure pic too many.) It's too bad we didn't come better equipped, clothing-wise, to do a day's worth of hiking. I didn't fully appreciate the beauty of a geographic formation like a fjord until I did some hiking with my uncle Henrik in Newfoundland many years later and saw formations that were very similar in Gros Morne. This is the only trip to the Norwegian fjords that I've made. Hopefully Suki and I will be able to make the trip together some time -- we're not hardcore about outdoors activity (i.e., no tents), but we definitely like being outside for hours of walking.

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