Friday, March 08, 2013


This is a picture of Richard and me just after he was born. I'm not sure what park we're in. Another photo, probably taken the same day, suggests to me it was Rockcliffe Park. One of the real pluses of living in Ottawa is the sheer amount of nature one finds in the city itself; this seemed to be particularly true in the area where we ended up living -- New Edinburgh, on the corner of Rideau Terrace and Noel Street. (When this photo was take,we would have been on Hastey Avenue, close to the U of O library.) It was -- the 1960s -- a good time to be a city dweller in the sense that urban spaces hadn't been rationalized the way they are now: you could find lots of nature that were just sitting there, like parks that had happened by accident. All that is gone now -- developed to the umpteenth degree.

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