Thursday, July 11, 2013

Plastic Millennium - on the module novel

A description of my mega-novel and its theoretical underpinnings ... ah, outpourings ... er, toner-scented multi-printings....

[Note: I misspeak when I refer to WHAT IS THE SOURCE OF INSANE IDEAS? as being finished in 1999 (this is when the action starts in the mega-work PLASTIC MILLENNIUM). SOURCE, on the other hand, goes way back ... I started it in the late 80s and finished in 1991. That's quite a while ago, and as I mention in this video, SOURCE, with its plot of a domineering, egocentric newspaper magnate fascinated with both manipulating the human genome in order to artificially evolve the human race and discovering a secret supercomputer that has such advanced capabilities it can -- via surveillance -- "manage" all of humanity, is a particular part of the project that is hopelessly out of date. But since I'm a sentimental sort, I put it in anyway.]

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