Saturday, November 21, 2015

새 비디오/ Nouveau video/ New video

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This is take 3 of a video I posted yesterday but felt unhappy with. Have redone the music (bad piano first time round), and improved, I hope, the mix of visuals.

The historical context is that of the Pacific War of WWII; by 1941, Nazi Germany's invasion of the Soviet Union had made frightening progress. Britain and "her dominions" (eg., Canada), were putting up a valiant fight but it wasn't enough (one reason Hitler thought invading the USSR was a good idea). The Roosevelt administration was providing the Allies with materiel and fighting a naval battle of sorts in the Atlantic. But it wasn't enough either. This changed with Pearl Harbor. However, Pearl Harbor would have ramifications for the subsequent Truman administration and its decision to drop the atomic bomb.

From my collection of authorial movies

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