Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Truth Marathon - the geopolitical significance of Nazi Germany: while World War Two is well understood in terms of its immense global importance, it is less seen as the birth of a new form of geopolitical thought; techno-geopolitics, as it were.

Canada -- with newly minted sovereignty over its foreign policy -- soon joined the fight, and was pivotal in assisting Britain (a fact downplayed or left out of most histories). The United States officially stayed on the sidelines. But members of Roosevelt's administration were acutely aware of the stakes if the Nazis were to gain hegemony over all Europe and the Soviet Union. This created a behind the scenes quasi-policy of wanting to enter the war in a roundabout fashion; a wish which seems to have led in the direction of Asia.

For the Roosevelt administration, the war in Europe was paramount. But the war that the US might enter against Japan would be linked.

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