Sunday, February 16, 2020

VideoPoemSong 5

 A new version of an old authorial videopoem. 

I have been experimenting with language play and neologism creation for many years now. These experiments started as private notebooks that I kept purely for personal use; a sort of linguistic workshop in which I tried to organize ideas for prose (and prose poetical) pieces, such as the stage play The Looksist. 

But the approach I was taking — to break words in half and try to create new words and thought associations— became directly useful when I started writing poetry seriously and making authorial videopoems.

The YouTube video above shows one of these poems. I have now done it twice, and a link to version one is below.

In 2019, some of these poems were published as an online chapbook. A link to that project is at the bottom of this post.

Baram VI (original version of VideoPoemSong 5). Link here:


Original text:

The po'-'sh soft
smash of water's
heavy or-ru

Is full-bore, as the
streams roar,

And, in the old homes,

The const'-'atter,
soft ant-p,

Is insect-like in
each bead.

Drip wetly

And the ground

While warm wood

- Finn Harvor

Originally published as a chapbook by Former People. Link:

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