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Heavy traffic


How can big cities better handle heavy traffic?

Traffic jams, bus lanes & what average people endure #trafficjams #commuting #publictransport #buses

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 Semi feral cats in South Korea.

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Cranes in the developed areas of South Korea.

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Trump 2

Donald Trump’s pattern of denying that he ever loses anything…

#trump #trumpcourt #stormydaniels #trumpcase #hushmoney #trumpfelony

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Donald Trump’s pattern of denying that he ever loses anything…

#trump #trumpcourt #stormydaniels #trumpcase #hushmoney #trumpfelony

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Writers as Filmmakers as Artists as Musicians 1

 Increasingly one finds the phenomenon of writers who are also filmmakers. Multimedia art-making is nothing new, but it’s taken a long time to begin to gain acceptance in the stuffy, hidebound world of literary production. The trend, though, will almost certainly continue. 

And one reason for that is the trend has always existed: from Blake to Peake to the poet/painters of Joseon, artmaking and writing have always had  the potential for a symbiotic relationship. And some writers simply enjoy art-making. This was true , for example, of PK Page. 

But the trend expanded in the 20th century, as poets became singers and vice versa. From Cohen to Dylan to Mitchell to Lennon to Springsteen, there is a large number of songwriters admired precisely for the poetic sophistication of their lyrics. In the 21st century, poets sometimes branch into music long after establishing literary reputations. 

For example, Steve Heighton became serious about performing his music shortly before his death:

And auteur filmmakers have always been, by definition, writers. But how about multimedia narratives that combine several art forms into a single artistic artefact? That form could be musical/ literary or artistic/ literary; however, I think the newest territory to be discovered is combining *all* these elements; that is, a film made by an artist/writer/musician. I call this type of filmmaking the authorial movie, and have made over 1,500 of these that are specifically literature-connected. It is a major body of work.

If curious, here are a few examples:

Three Tragedies, Four Seasons (take 7)

These authorial movies tend naturally toward poetry (because of its generally shorter length). But they can take the form of short stories and novel excerpts, too.

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Aging parents, away


 Looking after aging parents from far away.

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Bamboo wind


Bamboo groves are particularly nice places to experience wind, both as a visual and aural experience.

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