Friday, May 06, 2022

Greening Korea: From Hadong

 Now public on YouTube:

#Korea #RuralAsia

Synopsis: A personal documentary about the agricultural life in Hadong-gun, the region of South Korea where my wife grew up. Filming was on the farm belonging to her family, and in the marketplace of the nearby town.

Green tea production is particularly prevalent in Hadong. But its farmers are under extreme economic pressure. More than this, Koreans’ habits in terms of favored beverages are changing, and the popularity of coffee is having a severely detrimental effect on green tea sales.

Kimchi, on the other hand, remains a staple of the Korean diet. And kimchi-making (kimchang) remains a traditional activity in most Korean households. Usually a group activity, after my wife’s mother’s death, my wife took this over duty solely.

[Note: a .txt file transcript is available for translation]

(Note: I have both 2K and 4K versions of this project.)


Screenings and awards:

Mokkho International Film Festival

May 6, 2021 (winner)

Sprouting Seed International Short Film Festival 2020

Nov 28, 2020


Sunfest International Short Film Festival

May 15, 2021


Pune Short Film Festival

Oct 8, 2021



Anatolia International Film Festival

Feb 3, 2021


Great Message International Film Festival

Mar 20, 2021


Indo Global International Film Festival

Dec 25, 2020



Jan 10, 2021


Jharkhand Film Festival

May 8, 2021


Alibag Short Film Festival

Jan 20, 2021


Goa Short Film Festival

Dec 10, 2020


Golden Tree International Documentary Festival

Jul 25, 2020

Stockholm Film Festival 


Ashoka IFF

January 20, 2022


From my collection of ambient and authorial movies. My focus is on videopoetry; however, I work in other genres and art forms as well.



한국 산책 길/ Korean hiking trail/ Promenade Coréen


Thursday, April 28, 2022

Protecting What’s Left: Mountain Geography in Korea

 #southkorea #nature #KoreanNature #Ecology #rurallife #forest #documentary

A brief personal documentary about a humble yet exquisite mountain in South Korea near the farm where my wife grew up.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2022

The Cuban Missile Crisis

 A must watch that gives a good overview, including reference to US missiles in Turkey and Italy close to the USSR’s borders, near launch of a nuclear torpedo, and the crucial nature of diplomacy between Bobby Kennedy and Soviet ambassador Anatoly Dubrynin.

Diplomacy saved the day. We might actually be in worse straits now.

Peacedemic versus Wargasm


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