Friday, September 12, 2014

Family Maps II - Gordon at Montreal General (penultimate cut)


This is the penultimate (what I thought yesterday was the final) cut of a project that started out as audio-only. I got the idea of adding footage while Suki and I were in her hometown for Chuseok; the roughness of the visuals shows. Still, I liked the dreamy quality of the surrounding nature so much -- its seeming to be part of this world yet not -- that I decided to keep working on it.

It took quite a few more takes than I thought it would to get it just right. This was more a question of getting a take of the audio that I was happy with. Changes with the music, re-takes of the audio (sometimes because of background noise, other times because of badly timed pauses) meant a great deal of recording. Anyway, better now. Almost there.