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από την Ιαπωνία

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Jutta Pryor--filmmaker, sound artist, photographer

Jutta Pryor - filmmaker of "Clouds", a collaboration with Lucy English and Bruno Gussoni:

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1 Please describe the creative process you generally use when building a videopoem. Is it generally fixed in the sense that you have a directorial “system” you tend to fall into? Does it vary from project to project? 

Every project brings about a new direction. Working in multimedia, I tend to respond emotively, using my own resource materials or set up new work specifically for the project. When collaborating with other artists, writers and sound artists, levels of engagement and definition of ‘collaboration’ can vary. Some of my poetryfilms have been based on pre-existing written material, at this point the author’s participation has been complete. 

2 Given your answer above, was this project similar – as process – to your others? Or was its genesis different from your creative norm? 

The starting point for this project was to produce a digital version of The Book of Hours, initiated by Lucy English. Several works had already been completed. Concept and theme were discussed prior to the start of all of our work. The words were written by Lucy English and the soundscape was created by Bruno Gussoni & Disaster Area. I received words and sound based on the theme ’Clouds’ and sought my own visual connection with the work, bringing all of the elements together. 

3 What do you look for in a poem that you want to make a movie of? 

Connection, I have enormous respect for the artists that I collaborate with, and one of my objectives is to give presence to each of the elements, the words, sound and image. Often that is based on my personal response, my thoughts and feelings, something I can expand upon from personal experience. 

4 How did the collaborative process work with poet Lucy English? Was the poem written in tandem with the production of the movie, or beforehand? 

Working on a PhD on poetry film with the Book of Hours, Lucy English invited expressions of interest internationally from film makers. Lucy was keen to investigate other ways of creating poetry films rather than just 'giving' a poem to a film maker. We spoke about the contemplative nature of this collection of poetry films, focussing on the theme of reflection. I was flying a lot at that time and suggested that looking out at the world from the window of an airplane may be a suitable concept. Lucy liked the idea. I shared this with Bruno Gussoni, a sound artist/improviser with an extraordinary talent for playing the flute. Bruno played in studio sessions with Claudio Ferrari and Iao Aea in a group called Disaster Area. Within a matter of hours I received the soundscape ‘Radiocoast’ with many wonderful and original sonic interpretations of flying through clouds, travelling to unknown places. Lucy’s words arrived soon thereafter. My own contribution to the work took a while to gather, I had to find my own visual language, one that worked with both the words and the sound. We were collaborating across continents and time zones, corresponding via ‘Messenger’. The internet has empowered artists to work collaboratively in real time, being able to communicate and exchange material instantly via digital technology. We were all very dedicated to the project and Lucy mentions having learned about ‘letting go’ and letting the collaboration find its own space, about trying to move forward, even when you do not know what the outcome will be. 

5 You have done a considerable amount of collaborative work with Bruno. In what ways has this partnership altered your movie-making process? 

I have collaborated with sound artists who granted me permission to select from their existing portfolios. I am very grateful to Bruno Gussoni for an opportunity to work with sound that is interpretive and created specifically for the project. I enjoy the creative freedom and exploration that is made possible when everyone brings something new to the work. Bruno Gussoni is a master of the flute, improviser and artist. ‘CLOUDS’ is the first poetryfilm I have made with Bruno Gussoni, Claudio Ferrari and Iao Aea. Our previous films have been experimental using only sound and visuals without spoken word or text. I am interested in the rich, emotive and diverse language of sound that stems from improvisation. It is very open to experimentation. For me, creating the visual content, whether moving image or still, is an organic process. In some ways I am improvising and responding to the work of my collaborators, the tone, mood and pace of the sound and words. I continue to use my own photography and film work, occasionally contributing field recordings from my travels. I think that inspiration is multidirectional and it has been a pleasure to collaborate with Lucy, Bruno, Claudio and Iao. 

7 The vidoepoetry/soundscape art scenes in Australia/New Zealand seem very productive at the moment. What work in particular interests you? 

With digital technology and instant communication, our region is no longer distanced by geography. I think that our creative, multicultural and intellectual voices are being added and welcomed to the international dialogue. I am interested in poetryfilms that document the emotional history of our times.

Bio: Jutta Pryor is an exhibiting multimedia artist working in commercial, technical and fine art sectors. Her creative interests have evolved from intaglio printmaking and photography to moving image, poetry film and video projections.

In 2010 she was invited by ABC POOL, an online social multimedia platform, taking on the role of Community Editor, whose task was to foster online collaboration across diverse subject matter and forms of media, exploring the development of User Generated Content. Jutta gained experience in social media, encouraging online collaboration between writers, sound artists and image makers, often leading by example with her own work. She is inspired and excited by the possibilities and outcomes of online collaboration and works independently or in collaboration with artists both in Australia and Internationally via the internet. Jutta is currently studying for a Master of Arts (Art in Public Space).