Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Chant For A Pandemic


Marble — a videopoem about an old empire


The soldiers tromp
Brick, shards
Matter shattered
And then dried like leaves —
The shaking down of temples,

The marble of Romans
Is a diaspora bomb.
In the sylvan distance
GBUs thump like wine-skins
And the Syrian dancing girls
Are all wetted now
By weird rains.

The region
Stays filled with legions
While the emperor resumes drink.
And on the flag-stones
Of the thoroughfares
Sandals are whitened
By dust.

- Finn Harvor 

The US leaving Afghanistan 2


The US leaving Afghanistan 1


Monday, June 28, 2021

Virologist Danielle Anderson

 Virologist Danielle Anderson discounts the lab leak theory : « The elements known to trigger infectious outbreaks—the mixing of humans and animals, especially wildlife—were present in Wuhan, creating an environment conducive for the spillover of a new zoonotic disease. In that respect, the emergence of Covid-19 follows a familiar pattern. What’s shocking to Anderson is the way it unfurled into a global contagion.

“The pandemic is something no one could have imagined on this scale,” she said. Researchers must study Covid's calamitous path to determine what went wrong and how to stop the spread of future pathogens with pandemic potential.

“The virus was in the right place at the right time and everything lined up to cause this disaster.” »


Yes, Planet We’re Warming


Chauleur dans Canada


Global heat wave 3


Global heat wave 2


Global heat wave 1


Deux chats / two cats/ 고양이 두 마리가


Thursday, June 03, 2021

Last Question of the Evening - opening


Fade in.

An office comprised of cubicles, all of them lined in rows, as if the aisles of an airplane had been converted into office space. In each cubicle, a worker with a headset.

"They're all liars," a voice through one headset says.

The man conducting the interview, Anders, doesn't reply. He waits for the respondent to answer the question in the survey.

"Eh?" the respondent says, his voice charged with a coercive energy. "Whaddayou think?"

"A lot of people feel the same way you do, sir."

"That's right!" the man from rural Saskatchewan says. "They all go to Ottawa, they promise you the world, and then they do nothing."

Pause. Anders glances at the supervisors' station, eager to see if his call is being monitored. He can't make out the supervisors' screens.

"Sir, if you could please answer the questions as they're phrased, we'd get through this much faster."

Saying this is a mistake; not because the respondent is offended by Anders's chastisement, but because it suddenly makes him aware of how long he's been on the phone. "Good lord, mister! Lookit the time! We've been yammerin' for half an hour!"

"We're almost done," Anders lies.

"I can't be talkin' about all this sort of political nonsense for half an hour!"

"Please, sir. Would you just bear with me for another ten minutes?"

"Ten minutes?! Listen, I don't have ten minutes. I think I told you enough."

"Is there some time I could call you back at?"

"No. I'm real busy. I said enough. You just fill in the rest."

"I can't do that, sir." Now a note of pleading has entered Anders's voice. "I'll get through the rest of this really fast. If we don't finish it, then I'll have to throw the whole thing out."

"Am I gettin' paid for this?"


"Are you sendin' me money? I give you a lot of my time, I expect something in return."

"Sorry, sir, the company I work for hardly pays me anything, I don't think they'd be generous enough to start mailing cheques to all the people we interview."

This attempt to establish a sense of camaraderie falls flat. "I'm serious, mister. I gotta go," the man says.

The line is cut.


To view the whole story at YouTube, go here:

Still from a project about a hiking trail in Seoul/ Photo d'un projet sur un sentier de randonnée à Séoul


Saturday, May 29, 2021

Covid variant in Vietnam/ variant de Covid en Vietnam


Nouveau variant de la COVID-19 en Vietnam/ New Covid variant discovered in Vietnam

 Radio Canada: “ Le Vietnam a découvert un nouveau variant de la COVID-19 qui est un hybride des souches détectées pour la première fois en Inde et au Royaume-Uni, a rapporté le ministre vietnamien de la Santé.

Les scientifiques ont identifié le variant en examinant la constitution génétique du virus qui avait infecté récemment certains patients, a expliqué Nguyen Thanh Long, samedi. 

Des tests de laboratoire suggèrent qu'il pourrait se propager plus facilement que d'autres versions de la COVID-19, a-t-il précisé.

Le ministre Long a mentionné que le nouveau variant s'est répandu dans 30 des 63 municipalités et provinces du Vietnam. Il pourrait être responsable d'une récente augmentation des cas confirmés.”


“Vietnam has discovered a new variant of COVID-19 which is a hybrid of strains first detected in India and the United Kingdom, the Vietnamese Minister of Health reported.

 Scientists identified the variant by examining the genetic makeup of the virus that recently infected some patients, Nguyen Thanh Long said on Saturday.

Laboratory tests suggest it could spread more easily than other versions of COVID-19, he said.

Minister Long mentioned that the new variant has spread to 30 of Vietnam's 63 municipalities and provinces.  It could be responsible for a recent increase in confirmed cases.“

Fascism in America/ Fascisme américaine

 Lois Beckett in the Guardian: “ At least 70% of people charged in the Capitol riot have been released as they wait for trial, according to a Guardian analysis.

That high pre-trial release rate stands in stark contrast with the usual detention rates in the federal system, where only 25% of defendants nationwide are typically released before their trial.

Eric Munchel, known as “Zip Tie Guy”, who was allegedly photographed wearing tactical gear and carrying wrist restraints in the Senate chamber, was released in late March, along with his mother, after an appeals court questioned whether he posed any danger outside the specific context of 6 January.

Richard Barnett, the Arkansas man photographed with his foot on Nancy Pelosi’s desk, was released in late April, nearly two months after screaming during a court hearing that “it’s not fair” that he was still in custody when “everybody else who did things much worse are already home”.”


 Au moins 70 % des personnes inculpées dans l'émeute du Capitole ont été libérées en attendant leur procès, selon une analyse du Guardian.

 Ce taux élevé de libération avant le procès contraste fortement avec les taux de détention habituels dans le système fédéral, où seulement 25 % des accusés à l'échelle nationale sont généralement libérés avant leur procès.

 Eric Munchel, connu sous le nom de "Zip Tie Guy", qui aurait été photographié portant un équipement tactique et portant des attaches de poignet dans la salle du Sénat, a été libéré fin mars, avec sa mère, après qu'une cour d'appel eut demandé s'il représentait un danger en dehors du  contexte spécifique du 6 janvier.

 Richard Barnett, l'homme de l'Arkansas photographié avec son pied sur le bureau de Nancy Pelosi, a été libéré fin avril, près de deux mois après avoir crié lors d'une audience devant le tribunal qu'« il n'est pas juste » qu'il soit toujours en détention alors que « tous ceux qui ont fait les choses beaucoup  pire sont déjà à la maison ».”

Friday, May 28, 2021

Yes, Planet, We’re Warming — Stills and link

 Vimeo link:

Password: baramone 

Un documentaire personnel au sujet des changements climatiques en Corée de Sud.

A personal documentary on the subject of climate change in South Korea.

한국의 기후 변화에 관한 개인 다큐멘터리.

International peace movements


Mouvement de paix internationale


Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Printemps dans une paysage coréenne/ Spring in the Korean countryside/ 한국의 시골 풍경


Vaccinations en Inde


Vaccines in India


Predictive autocorredsdctt... a videopoem about spell-checking

 #videopoetry #smartphones

A brief poem about spellcorrrdd


My smartphone thinks “fir” is common 
And “for” is rare;
I can live with this algorithmic
But when my sentence concludes 
With the wish that my correspondent 
Tabnkk g  da hijdsdvn
I want to tear my hair.  

First published in Asses of Parnassus, May 2021