Wednesday, October 21, 2015

전철/ Metro/ Subway

가족의 지도/ Cartes de la famille/ Family Maps (video)

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직업/ Le travail/ Work

직업/ Le travail/ Work

This is from a series of drawings of people at work -- my first solo show. It was held many years ago, and the economic geography of Toronto was quite different; still a lot of garment shops along Spadina between King and Queen. I'd wander around with my sketchbook (I was a purist; no photo references), and ask permission to sit in a garment shop, office, or factory, and start drawing. Was also working as a house painter, glass cutter, janitor or clerk around that period, so saw blue and gray collar labour from both sides.

가족의 지도/ Cartes de la famille/ Family Maps

은행/ Ginkgo