Monday, November 28, 2022

Last Universes…/ Dernier univers…

Intro to a project I’m working on about my late brother’s writing. More to follow…

Quelques pensées au sujet d’écriture de mon frère décédé.

Friday, November 25, 2022

La guerre des masques/ Mask Wars

#masks #covid19 #pandemic 

Masking is ubiquitous in Asia. No, it’s not a perfect protection against Covid-19, but it does keep numbers down, and it’s a very safe technology that, theoretically, should not be controversial. Yet in  Western countries it often is … so much so that masking has now become a flash point of the culture wars.

Full video at YouTube:

Toujours et partout en Asie, les gens portent les masques. Mais pas au Occident. Une erreur?

The War on Smog, XI

The four opening photos in this clip here were all shot in the past week. They capture the eerie warmth South Korea is experiencing this fall; spring flowers blooming in late November because of global warming. Moreover, military activity significantly increases carbon emissions. Is there a connection between these two phenomena? Full video at YouTube:

Thursday, November 24, 2022

La guerre contre le smog/ The War on Smog

Spotted yesterday: azaleas — blooming in November….

Hier nous avons vu les fleurs de printemps — les azalées—en plein fleurir … mais en novembre…

어제 우리는 진달래 꽃 피고 있다고 봤는데 십일월에

More thoughts:

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

War Markets

 #poetryfilm #poetrycommunity #experimental #antiwar #militarism #economy 

A new work about our teetering world. YouTube link:

Text online at the literary journal Mudlark: 

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

New work/ nouveau travaux

Au CLS, Trajectoires (2) par Jean Coulombe.

Honored to have a new piece entitled War Markets at the online literary journal Mudlark. 

Sunday, November 20, 2022

Saturday, November 19, 2022

Lumière d’il y a longtemps/ Long Light

Clip from Long Light: from a new project about my brother’s writing — his experience of being in the world. New music.

Nouveau projet au sujet d’écriture de mon frère.

For an earlier project at YouTube, link here:

Thursday, November 17, 2022

Family Maps/ Cartes de famille

Ten years ago, almost to the day, a medical team at Montreal General contacted me and told me if I wanted to see my brother one more time, I should come to Canada within the next week. So I booked a ticket…

Dernière voyage pour voir mon petit frère…

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Missile Launch as Painting XXXIX

Clip from the moviepoem « Missile Launch as Painting XXXIX (Drone Version) ». Full video at YouTube: . The age of robotic warfare has arrived. But what was the route by which we found ourselves here? #poetrycommunity #video #poetryfilm #antiwar.

Saturday, November 12, 2022

Chat de marché/ Market cat


Marché coréenne traditionnelle/ Traditional Korean Market

 S. and I went to the Hadong Market today. It never seems to diminish in vitality, though I’m sure the nearby  supermarkets are indifferent to its fate. For more abt Hadong’s food traditions, Greening Korea: and Market Alive III:

S. et moi sommes allés au marché de Hadong aujourd'hui.  Sa vitalité ne semble jamais diminuer, même si je suis sûr que les supermarchés à proximité sont indifférents à son sort.  Pour en savoir plus sur les traditions culinaires de Hadong, Greening Korea : et Market Alive III :

Friday, November 11, 2022

Jour de souvenir/ Remembrance Day

Rabies Beach 1 via @YouTube. 

Opening to Rabies Beach, a novel about Canadian soldiers encountering for the first time the vicious child soldiers of the 12th SS in Normandy. #RemembranceDay 

Extrait d’un roman qui raconte l’histoire des soldats canadiens et leur première rencontre avec les jeunes soldats sauvage du 12th SS en Normandie. #JourDeSouvenir

Photographie à la nuit/ Night photography


Tuesday, November 08, 2022

Monday, November 07, 2022

Tristesse pour les décédés/ Sadness for the dead


거리의 마술사/ Street magician/ Magicien de rue/

Street Magician: PicGall 12. Full video: via @YouTube. #streetphotography #a7iv #a6400 #sonylenses #sonycamera #photography #photooftheday #seoul #urbanliving

A minute-short taken in Seoul. Camera: Sony a6400. Lens 18-105 f4 PZ.

There was some discussion recently on the strengths and weaknesses of the 18 105 for video. 

The following was shot on November 6/22 when we chanced upon a street magician in downtown Seoul. I wasn’t expecting this, and shot the video with the focal length at around 105mm. I didn’t have a gimbal, so the quality is due to the lens’s OSS.

Thursday, November 03, 2022

Baram Writer 1



Baram Writer 1

This is part one of an early attempt at (filmic)-image-and-text narrative. 

I’d been very interested in underground comics before; what people now term graphic fiction. But I wanted this project to have a cinematic feel to it. 

Getting it published was an ordeal. Getting published is usually an ordeal, of course. But I was surprised by how much resistance there was at lit mags (including lit mags that published visual art) to this kind of narrative strategy. 

Ultimately, it was published in a fine American lit magazine called Dark Sky. This was in the mid-aughts, when there were still high hopes for an online literary culture that could — in terms of cultural prestige and capital — equal print literary culture. But the online magazines were largely ignored by critics, arts journalists and academics. Dark Sky finally folded. In order not to lose the work, I put up a version at one of my own sites. 

There are also a couple of moviepoem versions of this project.



  Baram Écrivain 1

  Il s'agit de la première partie d'une première tentative de narration (filmique) d'images et de textes.

  J'avais été très intéressé par les bandes dessinées underground auparavant ;  ce que les gens appellent maintenant la fiction graphique.  Mais je voulais que ce projet ait une sensation cinématographique.

  Le faire publier était un ordre.  Être publié est généralement une commande, bien sûr.  Mais j'ai été surpris par la résistance des magazines éclairés (y compris les magazines éclairés qui publiaient de l'art visuel) à ce type de stratégie narrative.

  En fin de compte, il a été publié dans un excellent magazine américain appelé Dark Sky.  C'était au milieu des années 2000, alors qu'il y avait encore de grands espoirs pour une culture littéraire en ligne qui pourrait - en termes de prestige culturel et de capital - égaler la culture littéraire imprimée.  Mais les magazines en ligne ont été largement ignorés par les critiques, les journalistes artistiques et les universitaires.  Dark Sky a finalement plié.  Afin de ne pas perdre le travail, j'ai mis en place une version sur l'un de mes propres sites.

  Il existe également quelques versions de films de ce projet.

Le narrative à scénario très illustré/ The highly illustrated screenplay narrative

 #novel #publishing #literature. 2/The recent PRH merger trial underlines  publishing is going through turmoil; the result in no small measure of declining fiction sales. My idea is a new form of graphic fiction should be established: the highly illustrated screenplay narrative.

#roman #édition #littérature.  2/ Le récent procès de fusion PRH souligne que l'édition est en pleine tourmente ;  le résultat dans une large mesure de la baisse des ventes de fiction.  Mon idée est qu'une nouvelle forme de fiction graphique devrait être établie : le scénario narratif très illustré.

새 글러브 그룹 감독 과 작가 있다…