Friday, December 22, 2006

Holiday Break

Yep, just as in the West, it's holiday season in Seoul. My wife and I know this because when we take the bus downtown we pass department store after department store. And all of them are covered in even more festive lights than the shopping monoliths in my old home-town, Toronto. And that -- given the quiet Canadian fetish for "world class" consumerism -- is a lot of lights.

Here at "Conversations in the Book Trade" we don't do lights. We just do interviews. And here are some already in the can that will appear in the New Year:

- R. M. Vaughan (The National Post)
- Jon Paul Fiorentino (Matrix Magazine, Snare Books)
- Michael Bryson (The Danforth Review)
- Robert Lasner (Ig Publishing)

Happy holidays. And remember, in 2007, perhaps even more than ever, it's worth doing the altruistic wish thing.... Peace.

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