Sunday, October 28, 2007

Notable Commentary

Levi Asher:

I've spent the last two months talking to many book industry professionals about book pricing and hardcover vs. paperback publishing. Invariably, the people I've spoken to who support the status quo in publishing -- hardcover first, premium priced -- are the ones who believe the business faces a future decline. This pessimistic belief supports the idea that premium pricing for books makes the most sense. It's the "gated community" model of literature...

Eric Rosenfield:

In fact, one of the things I like about sf magazines and anthologies over literary ones is that they tend to have more of the editor and the author talking about their work, a few paragraphs before or after to help draw you in or give you context. It's also something I like about One Story's interviews with their own authors that give you some background. My fear is that people are seeing the fiction and poetry on this site and ignoring it, even if they like reading the commentary. And, let me tell you, most of the time on this site, the fiction and poetry is where it's at. This is partially because the commentary is mostly written by me, and the fiction and poetry is written by other people, and so I have some critical and editorial distance.

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