Friday, November 09, 2007

Sound Survey

For some time now, I've been trying to place podcasts on this site, with varying degrees of success. I now have two versions of the same audio -- one (lower) with a player directly installed on site, the other (upper) that links to a web-host.

I want to know if people can actually
listen to these podcasts. Does the sound come through for the upper podcast? The lower one? Neither? (At my end, I'm not getting any sound whatsoever, but that's because yesterday I got the genius idea of also buying one of those webcam doohickeys and, in the process of installing it, gummed up my Windows sound settings. But that's my problem. Farmers have rain to contend with: too much or too little. Muddern Day Writers have technology to deal with: a force equally incomprehensible and inevitable as nature....)

In any event, let me know. Are the podcasts working? One? Both? Or should I just go back to chiseling letters on stone?

Note: the dual segment below is quite short -- an excerpt of an excerpt, if you will. I haven't reached a final decision, but I'll probably put up more (i.e., longer) once I've worked out the technical issues.


  1. Anonymous5:04 pm

    From this computer, the link works, the audio player doesn't.

  2. I couldn't connect to the lower one -- an 'error' apparently. The upper one provided pretty good sound. -- D.