Saturday, May 21, 2011

Book as Trailer 1

Fade in.

A classroom in a rural Korean university. The class is empty now. The walls of the room are painted a utilitarian colour which is, upon inspection, difficult to identify. It is white, but with a grey underlay. It's not quite beige. It's grite.


The main hallway of the building. It is filled with students, either on their way to class or -- and very noisily -- enjoying a break.

A WESTERN MALE walks along with them. He seems to be in a hurry. As he walks, he is distracted by something.

SFX: a cell phone burbling.


ANOTHER MALE [O.S.]: Don't give me that "yobosee" stuff.

FIRST MALE: [flatly] Oh, hey,Vince.

VINCE [O.S.]: You check your email yet?

FIRST MALE: I've been teaching all day.

VINCE: Check it out. [beat] Where are you?

FIRST MALE: I've got one more. Basic writing.

VINCE: [basso-sarcasto] "Basic writing".[Beat] You've got to check your email. There's this insane message from Randy.

FIRST MALE: What is it this time?

VINCE: Just check it out.

[to be continued]

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