Friday, September 01, 2017

Athens Video Poetry Festival

다시한번 아테나에서 재미있는 비디오 시 국재 축제 있어요 
Encore une fois, un festival intéressant en Athènes...
Once again, an interesting video poetry festival in Athens...
Details here and via the link below:
The +Institute [for Experimental Arts] and Void Network
the 6th International Video Poetry Festival 2017
Winter 2017
at Free Self-Organised Theatre EMBROS / Athens / Greece
The yearly International Video Poetry Festival 2017 will be held for sixth time in Greece in Athens. Approximately 2500 people attended the festival last years.
This year there will be one zone of the festival. The unique zone will include video poems, visual poems, short film poems and cinematic poetry by artists from all over the world (America, Asia, Europe, Africa).
We are inviting the artists – poets, video artists, directors, producers – who want to visit the festival to present their art project at the Theatre. We can provide to them accommodation for 3 days (one day before the festival, during the festival and one day afterwards).
The International Video Poetry Festival 2017 attempts to create an open public space for the creative expression of all tendencies and streams of contemporary visual poetry.
It is very important to notice that this festival is a part of the counter-culture activities of Void Network and + the Institute [for Experimental Arts] and will be non-sponsored, free entrance, non commercial and non profit event. The festival will cover the costs (2000 posters, 15.000 flyers, high quality technical equipment) from the incomes of the bar of the festival. All the participating artists and the organizing groups will participate voluntary to the festival.

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