Sunday, October 22, 2017

Night Work: Last Question of the Evening

 Illustration: Finn Harvor, from "Last Question of the Evening"

(Below is an excerpt and link to a short story about working for low wages in a call centre. The link takes you to the story, and also to an authorial movie I built around it.)

Fade in.
An office comprised of cubicles, all of them lined in rows, as if the aisles of an airplane had been converted into office space. In each cubicle, a worker with a headset.

"They're all liars," a voice through one headset says.

The man conducting the interview, Anders, doesn't reply. He waits for the respondent to answer the question in the survey.

"Eh?" the respondent says, his voice charged with a coercive energy. "Whaddayou think?"

Continued via link:
Danforth Review Link:…/fiction-75-finn-harv…

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