Sunday, April 30, 2023

The Beach, Eternity

A video based on two poems by my brother.

YouTube link: The Beach, Eternity

Incidentally, for those who are interested, the first was shot on an iPhone — probably an iPhone 6. 

From 2:46, the Sony a5000 with kit lens. (Maybe a few shots with a Nikon d5300 with 35mm 1.8.)

In both cases , the camera bodies were quite inexpensive and would be considered dated now. Yet the iPhone footage holds up, as long as one is okay with smartphone footage. 

The latter footage still holds up, despite the fact the tech in the camera is regarded as Paleolithic. 

I bought the a5000 because it was considerably less expensive than its sister, the a5100. The a5000 sold for less because its sensor was merely 20 megapixels, compared to 24 for the a5100. Ironically, Sony’s high end a7siii and prestige vlogging camera the zv-e1 have 12 megapixel sensors — fewer megapixels theoretically improving light sensitivity. So the a5000 might have been a better video tool at the time.

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