Thursday, April 11, 2024

Last Question of the Evening: spoken word version


 This is a spoken word version of my authorial moviestory “Last Question of the Evening”, the text and art version of which is in the post below.

The story is set in the call center of a polling company. This is precarious work in its original form: unpredictable hours, low pay, and a work force that’s meant to dress middle class while not belonging to it.

The concept of the authorial moviestory is both a critique of the gig economy and post industrial capitalism and also a critique , so to speak, of the conventional film industry, with its high production costs. At the same, the concept of the moviestory is a critique of traditional literature, with its apparently limitless tolerance for conventional narrative tropes.

In effect, the moviestory “Last Question of the Evening” is meant to bring the positive energies of the movie industry — such as its ability to engage an audience — while at the same time being so simple and low cost to produce that a moviestory escapes the pressures of artistic compromise that conventional filmmakers often feel.

YouTube link to see the full authorial moviestory: Last Question of the Evening -- short story/ authorial movie

More to follow.

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