Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The Invention of a New Artistic Genre

The invention of the the author-made videostory:

This is a link to a short story that took me many years of shopping around before I got it published recently in the Danforth Review. In the interim, I made a video version of it. The video is far from perfect; however, all elements of it -- from the text, narration, music, to the art -- are made by one individual, so therefore this project qualifies as an authorial movie as I define the term. I hope I don't sound too show-boating in describing it this way; I realize the project isn't perfect. However, I think it stands as a form of genre creation. While there are many "short story movies", these are group projects -- in effect, forms of short film. And a lot of them are great. However, this particular project, "Last Question of the Evening", ranks as a different category of narrative form in the sense that, because it is entirely author-created, it resembles individually-created literature more than a group-created movie. As a result, for better or worse, its vision and aesthetic, is that of its maker.

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