Thursday, January 12, 2023

From 2006: Lovegraphy — a highly illustrated screenplay narrative


EXT. A SMALL KOREAN VILLAGE. AN EARLY SUMMER EVENING, MID-WEEK. A WESTERN MAN is walking down the city's main street. To his left is the historic site of Haemi Fortress. He has a peaceful expression on his face, but from his body language we can tell he's lonely. VO: Those were the days before I met you. SFX: A light breeze.EXT. THE INNER COURTYARD OF THE FORTRESS. MOMENTS LATER. The Western man sees a group of CHILDREN. They are giggling and playing with each other. Then one of them spots the man.CHILD: 의국인! [Foreigner] SECOND CHILD: [sing-songy] Hello! MAN: [smiling] Hello. ALL CHILDREN: [gleefully] Hello! Hello! MAN: [speaking slowly] Can you speak English? The CHILDREN suddenly start to giggle uproariously. But their amusement is more a symptom of shyness than desire to carry the game any further. They run away, still laughing. The MAN continues walking. He makes his way through small, sad, empty streets.INT. AN EVANGELICAL CHURCH. TEN MINUTES LATER.The MAN enters. He is somewhat surprised to see a CROWD OF WORSHIPPERS. They are very involved in their prayers. The MAN walks cautiously forward. A MIDDLE-AGED KOREAN MAN spots him. CUT TO: CLOSE UP of MIDDLE-AGED KOREAN MAN. MIDDLE-AGED KOREAN MAN: 하느님! 하느님이 자를 사랑하습니다! [God! God loves you!] EXT. A STREET. MOMENTS LATER. The MAN is walking by himself again. He looks even sadder than before. A DIFFERENT CHILD spots him.DIFFERENT CHILD: [especially enthusiastically] Hello! beat. V.O.: I don't know what it is was about that kid's voice. It got to my heart more than any church or religion could.... I heard that intrusive, pip-squeaky voice and all I could think of was another day when the sun was setting -- a hotter day, and happier, too.

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