Tuesday, January 31, 2023

The Sadness Series

#experimental #videopoetry #poetryfilm 

An experimental ambient and poetic piece divided into two parts. It opens with images that trigger anxiety, such as images of weaponry. These are contrasted with the nature and peace that will be destroyed by this weaponry. As the videopoem progresses, we realize that we, too, are in denial of how close we all are to apocalypse.

The next part of the video has its genesis in an experience — actually, a series of experiences — I had while biking along the Han River. In these, I recalled my brother — a very gifted poet who died tragically at the age of 49. But during I also caught glimmerings of the emotions he himself felt the final years of his life: his love of the world and its nature and human constructions, and also overwhelming despair at the realization of how quickly it could be destroyed … and how likely, given the craziness of human behavior, that destruction was. As well, during these periods of recollection while biking, I thought of my wife. These emotions are conveyed visually, but also aurally, through chant.

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